We capture your performers with stunning cinematic filming from dynamic moving cameras and use clever editing techniques to captivate your audience.  No longer are you limited to a locked off static camera but can take advantage of multiple moving cameras putting the audience right there on stage with the performers.  


We have worked with dance schools, dance companies and private schools to take their production values to the next level.  We have developed a technique of filming multiple takes of each performance and combining them into a single film that the performers and their friends and family can stream or download on their phones, tablets, tv's or computers. 

"We can't believe how good we look" - Dance Students

"Everyone loves the film"   -Performing Arts Director

"I just love the close ups and moving  shots, the students and their families are going to love watching this" - Dance School Owner

Please note this type of filming is not designed to be produced with live performances that are put on for a live audience as this technique requires us to be on stage with the performers and have them performing multiple takes.