We are a trusted, professional digital media company based in Melbourne Australia.  We take pride in creating digital content that schools, students and parents love engaging with.   We create promotional and event coverage photography and video to support education institutions – working with consideration to budget.

We love working with young people and helping them to feel relaxed and confident in front of the camera.  Our image style is natural and our aim is to create modern, beautiful images and films that are believable and engage their target audience.

We work with our educators to protect and respect the imagery of individuals in our content.  All of our staff have Working With Children Checks and are covered by public liability insurance. 


Our Team


Shawn Dowd

Shawn has extensive experience creating digital content in schools and is passionate about creating captivating photography and video.  He enjoys engaging with students, takes pride in making sure everyone is having a good time and works tirelessly to strive for the best shot.  Outside of schools Shawn likes to create dance videos and conceptual art.

Gal Tidhar

Gal loves to be behind (and sometimes in front) of the camera.  Her relaxed yet focused attitude paired with her great work ethic means that she is an invaluable member of this team.  Outside of photography Gal is a dedicated, talented dancer and loves travelling and is constantly looking for ways to further her creative studies.