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Who is Vewd Media?

School Media
School Media
Melbourne Based

Melbourne based.





Who is Vewd Media
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Shawn Dowd
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With a wealth of experience that encompasses both strategic and creative thinking, Shawn's solution driven approach and growth mindset have been pivotal in collaborating with educational institutions so they can best tell their stories in an impactful way. Leading his creative team by example, Shawn balances his tireless work ethic with his easy going nature to push the boundaries of what is possible while also enjoying the journey and overcoming obstacles along the way. Shawn is not just about big ideas, but actionable strategies and project execution that sees dreams turn into reality with tangible results.

Gal Tidhar


Gal brings a fresh perspective to our work with schools in her invaluable role as producer. Her deep-thinking approach and innate curiosity mean she's always asking the right questions, digging deep to understand and solve complex problems. Gal's wisdom shines, especially in her role as a client liaison where her personable nature and genuine passion for people make her exceptionally approachable. Beyond her ability to connect, Gal's problem-solving skills are top-notch, and we truly feel fortunate to have such a diligent and insightful member on our team.

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Maddy Brown
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Maddy is the hands-on producer steering projects to success at Vewd Media, where she dedicates her impressive skill set to serving schools. Known for her incredible work ethic and unique perspectives, Maddy tackles each task with a refreshing mix of ingenuity and discipline. Her approach is grounded yet imaginative, always ready to lend an empathetic ear to truly understand each school’s insights and challenges. Her excellent communication skills and a notable knack for marketing and design are essential to building the Vewd Media brand

Francis Tsering


With an innovative approach to storytelling, Francis Tsering is a solution-driven photographer and filmmaker at Vewd Media. Francis showcases his love of sport and keen eye for detail and composition in every project. Clients can trust in his ability to capture the vibrant narratives unfolding in school environments, all while presenting solutions that are both creative and effective.

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Declan Silver-Kehoe
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Declan’s warm and friendly nature and excellent communication skills combine with his Bachelor of Arts in Photography to form a very valuable skill set that delivers quality results to our valued clients. His ability to connect with staff and students and help them feel at ease allows him to excel in his role. Away from Vewd Media, Declan enjoys participating in, coaching, refereeing and watching sport and going fishing and camping. 

James Khoo


After completing a Bachelor of Screen Production, James has applied his education with experience in making travel films and love for sport to his craft at Vewd Media. James's skills in video production, from conceptualization to post-production are invaluable in his role as a videographer in our company. A calm approach when directing subjects ensures that everyone who works with James feels at ease and comfortable in front of the camera. When he doesn't have a camera in his hands you'll often find James running, he's currently training for his first marathon in July!

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Daisy Bateman
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Daisy brings a creative approach and a keen eye for capturing imagery that our clients love.  Equipped with a Bachelor of Arts, Daisy's excellent work ethic and engaging personality combine to produce a diverse range of visually stunning imagery that truly captures our client's stories.  Daisy’s skills don't stop with digital media, as she takes the field for the Western Bulldogs in the AFLW and plays piano and lead vocals in a band. Whoa, stop already Daisy!

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Who We Work With

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