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Who is Vewd Media?

Melbourne Based

Melbourne based.





School Media
Who is Vewd Media
Shawn Dowd
Who is Vewd Media


With a wealth of experience that encompasses both strategic and creative thinking, Shawn's solution driven approach and growth mindset have been pivotal in collaborating with educational institutions so they can best tell their stories in an impactful way. Leading his creative team by example, Shawn balances his tireless work ethic with his easy going nature to push the boundaries of what is possible while also enjoying the journey and overcoming obstacles along the way. Shawn is not just about big ideas, but actionable strategies and project execution that sees dreams turn into reality with tangible results.

Gal Tidhar


Gal brings a fresh perspective to our work with schools in her invaluable role as producer. Her deep-thinking approach and innate curiosity mean she's always asking the right questions, digging deep to understand and solve complex problems. Gal's wisdom shines, especially in her role as a client liaison where her personable nature and genuine passion for people make her exceptionally approachable. Beyond her ability to connect, Gal's problem-solving skills are top-notch, and we truly feel fortunate to have such a diligent and insightful member on our team. She's not just a colleague; she's an asset, and we're lucky to have her.

Maddy Brown


Maddy is the hands-on producer steering projects to success at Vewd Media, where she dedicates her impressive skill set to serving schools. Known for her incredible work ethic and maturity, Maddy tackles each task with a refreshing mix of ingenuity and discipline. Her approach is grounded yet imaginative, always ready to lend an empathetic ear to truly understand each school’s unique perspective. Her excellent communication skills and a notable knack for marketing and design are essential to building a brand that resonates. Maddy is not just a producer; she's pivotal to Vewd Media’s creativity and success.

Francis Tsering


With an innovative approach to storytelling, Francis Tsering is a solution-driven photographer and filmmaker at Vewd Media. Francis showcases his love of sport and keen eye for detail and composition in every project. Clients can trust in his ability to capture the vibrant narratives unfolding in school environments, all while presenting solutions that are both creative and effective.

Gus Cameron


Angus, Vewd Media’s approachable filmmaker and editor, is noted for his remarkable teamwork and exceptional communication skills. Fueled by a profound passion for both media and the environment, he brings an innovative and thoughtful perspective to each project. Angus excels in capturing spontaneous moments, a skill that showcases his readiness to embrace challenges and his talent in creating truly immersive narratives.

Lola Brady O'Sullivan


Lola Brady O'Sullivan is an imaginative force at Vewd Media, adeptly encapsulating school spirit through her perceptive photography and filmmaking. With a knack for spotlighting joy and an easy-going attitude, she naturally encourages students to be themselves, making each shot genuinely shine. Combining a worldly outlook with technical expertise and a distinct style, Lola ensures every project not only meets the mark but does so with warmth, humour, and a personal touch.

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Who We Work With

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